A photo of Ellen Richey

Ellen Richey

Ellen has served on our Board of Directors since April 2020. Ms. Richey brings over 40 years of legal and risk management experience, most recently serving as Visa’s vice chairman and chief risk officer and as a member of Visa’s executive committee. In those roles, Ms. Richey was responsible for driving the future of payment security at the company, serving as its voice with legislators, regulators and clients on payment security, and leading similar initiatives combining risk, business and policy issues of strategic importance to Visa. Before assuming the roles of vice chairman and chief risk officer at Visa, Richey served as the vice chairman of risk and public policy where she was responsible for public policy and all aspects of risk management. Prior to that role, Richey concurrently served as chief legal officer and chief risk officer. In those positions, she was responsible for the legal function as well as oversight of Visa’s compliance, audit and risk teams, including payment system risk, settlement risk and enterprise risk. Prior to joining Visa, she worked at Washington Mutual Inc. as senior vice president of enterprise risk management and executive vice president of card services, and served as vice chairman of Providian Financial Corporation, where she had responsibility for the enterprise risk management, legal, corporate governance, corporate relations, compliance and audit functions. Ms. Richey has also served on the board of directors of Cantaloupe, Inc. (formerly USA Technologies, Inc.) since May 2020. Since April 2018, she has served as the board chair of Girl Scouts of Northern California. Ms. Richey holds a B.A. in linguistics and far eastern languages from Harvard University and a J.D. from Stanford Law School.